Care of baby Chickens, Ducks, Geese and Guineas

TEMPERATURE: for the first week at chick height should be 90-95 degrees. Decrease the temperature 5 degrees per week until temperature of 65 is reached. Turkeys and pheasants start 5 degrees higher. A brooder lamp (heat bulb) 4 bulb, 250-watt is sufficient for 300 chicks; lesser amounts can be brooded with a single lamp.

WATCH THE BEHAVIOR: to determine if it’s warm enough. When cold they will be loud and huddle close together, if comfortable they will be reasonably quiet and will be eating, drinking or sleeping.

BEDDING: use 2 to 4 inches of dry litter, such as pine wood shavings, chopped straw or other appropriate bedding, do not use newspaper or other slick material, this can cause legs to slip out from underneath them and cause serious leg problems. Do not use bedding such as cedar chips, treated shavings, large thick wood chips or dusty sawdust.

FEED & WATER Use a good starter feed, ( local feed dealer) then switch to a grower feed. Two 1-gallon waters and two 24-inch feeders per 100 chicks when they are little and then use larger waters and feed containers as they get older. When weather permits and the young poultry are old enough you can let them outside. Granite grit helps their digestive system for meat birds, calcium grit for layers when ready to lay eggs.

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