All Livestock Trade Pty Ltd offers assorted peafowl chicks for sale, all of which are high-quality birds that will meet and exceed your expectations. We have chicks available from June through August, and we have been a leading peafowl egg hatchery since 2001. Peacocks are beautiful birds that are notable for their long, colorful feathers, and the peafowl is even the national bird of India. Members of this breed don’t start laying eggs until they are about two years old, but they are very easy to keep and raise. Browse through our website to learn more about the peafowls we have available.


The Indian peafowl

The Indian peafowl or blue peafowl, a large and brightly coloured bird, is a species of peafowl native to South Asia, but introduced in many other parts of the world.

Pied peafowl

White Peafowl

White peafowl are a color variety of the India Blue Peacock. They are considered leucistic, a condition that affects the birds' feathers and turns them pale or white. Leucism differs from albinism in that this variety of peafowl has blue tinted eyes and lacks