ALL LIVESTOCK TRADE PTY LTD on Livestock and cattle breeding we are number in producing quality alive animals for dairy, beef and leather purpose. We are a world wide distributor of live Boer Goats,sheep,lamb and mutton.

Charolais Bulls

♦Breed: Charolais Bulls ♦Age: 1 x 18 month ♦Average Live Weight: 8-460- 820kg

Zebu Cow

♦Breed: Zebu Cow ♦Age: 8-24months ♦Average Live Weight: 6-350KG

Lowline Angus

Breed: LowLine Angus Age: 2 Average Live Weight: 400

Boer goat

♦Breed: Boer Goats The Boer goat is considered far superior as to any other goat for meat.

The Dorper Sheep

Dorper is a S A breed of domestic sheep developed by crossing Dorset Horn and the Blackhead Persian sheep

Friesian Cows

♦Breed: friesian cows ♦Age: 1-2years ♦Average Live Weight: 370kg

Breeding piglets

The successful pig farmer always uses good breeding animals. ... In the case of a small-scale farm.

Berkshire pig

Berkshire pigs, also known as Kurobuta are a rare breed of pig originating from the English county of Berkshire that are bred and raised in several parts of the world.

Tamworth pig

The Tamworth also known as Sandy Back and Tam, is a breed of domestic pig originating in its namesake Tamworth, Staffordshire United Kingdom, with input from Irish pigs